DMme Messenger

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DMme will be using military grade end to end encryption


Data is accessible by the user only

Full control

The user decide who to chat with, and authorise/block members

No phone number required

No one is able to track you via your mobile providerto not rely on advertising for stream of income


Portion of each subscription is given back to the community

Subscription based

To not rely on advertising for stream of income


  • Q1 '19


    Release Wallet (Win/Mac/Linux)



    Exchange listing 1

    Kalkulus Hub listing

    Listing: MNPro, MNCN

    Trittium Hosting listing (shared / insta node)

    App stage 1 Dev

    Exchange listing 2

    Monitoring platform listing:

  • Q2 '19


    Listing exchange 3

    App main release with encrypted chat (Android only)

    Start App development stage 2

    Crypto transfer: Integration send/receive between users

    Rebranding campaign

    Logo competition acquistion

    Website development

    Swap to ERC20 token

    Contract creation

    Swap on CREX24 exchanges

    Airdrop 7% for holders over 10K dmme

    Monthly reward integration, 5%, no minimum required

  • Q3 '19


    Messaging app on Play Store and web download

    Subscription model implementation

    Start iOS app development

    Start pc app development

    Tidex listing

  • Q4 '19


    Launch an Android Private Beta

  • Q1 '20


    January 15th of 2020 official Android DMME CHAT APP Launch

    April iOS release

    May / June release P2P crypto payment supporting ETH and many ETH token including by default DM

    July release encrypted mail service “DMME mail service” offering cloud storage service with the potential of sending big and heavy files on the mail service

Token Allocation

Coins burned: 43.871.922 DMME (77%)
Team Locked: 10.000.000 (17%)
Circulating supply: 6.128.078 (6%)
Total supply: 16.128.078 (100%)

Ticker: DMme
Type: ERC20
Total Supply: 16.128.078
Decimal: 18
Contract address: 0x9556f8ee795d991ff371f547162d5efb2769425f
Token distribution: 1:10 of 'old' DMme

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DMme project is self funded by Mocho and CryptoJav.

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